What makes Camping De Roos so special is that it is its natural self.
Let yourself be swept away by the beautiful nature and relaxed atmosphere!


Camping De Roos is a ecological nature campsite, where you can really unwind, camping in a harmonious atmosphere. 

The campsite is situated in a splendid riverdune landscape by the river Vecht in the province Overijssel, where you can enjoy your wonderfully relaxed holiday. In addition to the amazing location, there is a remarkably wide variety of spacious, naturally situated camping pitches. There is literally and figuratively space for nature and space for eachother. 

The calming, harmonious ambience at Camping De Roos stems from the unique combination of the lovely landscape, the well balanced and fitting facilities, the carefully selected activities and, last but not least, the guests of Camping De Roos.
It’s not every day that man and nature can exist together so happily.

It’s a unique experience – come and be enchanted!