General rules of conduct

  1. On arrival, you should report to reception, where you are required to register.
    You can select your own pitch, provided it is not reserved. Ask at reception about this.
    When the number of people or anything else changes please inform us on the day of the change.

  2. Small trailers up to 1.5 m² can stay by the tent, all larger ones should be parked in the car park.

  3. You must position your caravan or tent in such a way that the middle of your caravan or tent is opposite the pitch number post. Distance to post (in depth): max. 2 metres. Extra tents to the left and/or right of tent/caravan.

  4. Mopeds and scooters are not permitted to enter the site, and must be placed in the appropriate sheds at the car park.

  5. Please drive slowly (5 km/hr) on the campsite. No children behind the wheel!

  6. During the periods 9 May - 11 June and 5 July - 26 August it is compulsory to park cars/motorcycles in the car park.
    Loading or unloading at the pitch is only permitted on the day of arrival and departure.
    In these periods also camper vans are only allowed to drive at the campsite on the day of arrival/departure.

  7. From 10 pm to 8 am you are asked not to drive/ride your car/motorcycle on the campsite.

  8. If you receive guests during the day, you must ensure that they:

    • possess a valid admission ticket
    • leave before 10 pm

    • also observe the rules
    You are allowed to receive up to 5 guests a day. 

    If your guests arrive while the reception is closed, they will still be required to pay on departure, or you can pay for them.
    If you have guests for a longer period, they must register at reception on arrival.

  9. Attaching washing lines to trees or bushes is not permitted as they can be a blot on the landscape.
    Do not hang up flags or attach tent canopies and hammocks to trees or bushes.

  10. Children under the age of 6 may not use the sanitary facilities unaccompanied.
    It is not permitted to smoke in the sanitary buildings.

  11. Young people must return to their parents’ tent/caravan by 11 pm at the latest.
    Parents have to make sure this occurs.

  12. You can borrow a rubbish bin from us. These can be found under the lean-to to the right of the launderette.

    Please use a bin liner and return the bin to us clean upon your departure.

  13. Chemical toilets and all other toilet receptacles must be emptied in the appropriate disposal facility (see plan),

    not in the toilets in the sanitary buildings.

  14. Keep the campsite clean. Make sure there is no chance of litter.

    Deposit waste at the designated places:

    • domestic waste in the large container

    • organic waste in the compost container

    • glass in the bottle bank

    • metal in the metalcontainer

    • paper and cardboard in the paper container

    • plastic, cans and milk- and juice cartons in the plastic container

    • spent batteries in the box in the launderette

    • household chemical waste in the box in the launderette

  15. Make sure the electrical fittings in the caravan/tent comply with the safety requirements.

    A three-core flex and Euro plug (CEE standard) are obligatory. You have the use of 6 amps (= 1320 watts),

    bear in mind the wattage of the equipment you use.

  16. Only small inflatable boats are permitted on the tributary of the river Vecht.
    Canoeing is only allowed on the river Vecht.

    Please note: out on a motorboat on the river Vecht the max. speed is 9 km/hour.

  17. Party tents and event shelters are not permitted and may not be used as an awning or tent extension.

    Army tents, marquees or other large tents unless specifically used for camping purposes are also not allowed.

  18. Fishing is possible on the campsite in the river Vecht and in its tributary river.

    Anglers aged 14 and over need a fishing permit.
    Night fishing is not permitted. 

  19. It is allowed to barbecue, but we ask you to be careful!

    The barbecue grill must be free from the ground in order to prevent scorch marks.
    It is possible to borrow tiles at reception. 

    It’s not allowed to make a fire in the barbecue grill.                                                                                                                        

  20. It is not allowed to play with water balloons at the campsite.

  21. It is prohibited:

    • to light (camp)fires, either open or in fire baskets or pots,

    • to dig holes,

    • to drive posts in the ground,

    • to tie hammocks to trees,

    • to climb trees,

    • to clip trees or bushes,

    • to fly acrobatic kites
    to fly with drones 

  22. You may only set up a satellite dish on your own pitch.

  23. No trading activities are permitted, including putting your tent or caravan up for sale during your stay on the campsite.

  24. Leave your pitch clean and in good condition.

    If torrential rain makes it absolutely necessary to dig a ditch around your tent, fill it in before you leave.

  25. If you break any of the above rules or spoil the good atmosphere on the campsite by disruptive behaviour,
    the campsite owner is entitled to deny you further access to the site.

  26. The campsite-owner accepts no liability whatsoever for the consequences of personal injury or material damage 
    having occurred during the stay at the campsite.