Keep fit while on holiday or spend a weekend practising your sport? Camping De Roos is the perfect place for getting into shape.

Camping De Roos is a sponsor of the Amsterdam Triathlon and Cycling Club (ATAC), which regularly stays at the campsite
for their training programmes.

The campsite is the ideal operating base for training routes for runners, speed cyclists and swimmers. 

During off-peak seasons, the campsite grounds, including the car park, are perfect for shorter practice sessions,
such as interval and sprint training. 

For those interested in exercising in a beautiful and healthy outdoor setting, the ATAC members have plotted out
various routes: 

- Route 1 (21 km) 

- Route 2 (60 km)

- Route 3 (92 km)


The clean (Overijsselse) Vecht River is great for swimming. The northwest section of the campsite borders the Vecht River
over a length of 650 metres. There are three platforms that can be used for practice.
To give you an indication of the distance (downstream): 

- From platform 1 to platform 2 = 320 m

- From platform 2 to platform 3 = 90 m