A day or afternoon out with the kids?
A farm or windmill, a herb garden or zoo, an amusement park or wonderland, museum or megalith, observatory or discovery corner; that's a hard choice!

Kabouterland, Exloo
Kabouterland can be found in the heart of the Drenthe village Exloo. A wonderful day out with gnomes, trolls, animals and amusements in various playgrounds, both inside and outside.

De Kruidenhoeve, Balkbrug
There is a lot to see at Kruidenhoeve, such as a wooded garden, a thistle garden, a vegetable garden, a herb garden, a bee and butterfly garden with beehive, an orchard and the paddocks for donkey Midas and llama Thomas. Then there are the Geurlaantje and the Kruidenpad walking paths too. And there's the Speurneuzenpad walking path for kids.
The tearoom is a good place to check out as well.

Petting Zoo Ommen
This petting zoo always has animals that can be petted and you can often help to take care of them too. Animals kept here include sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs. There are also a few donkeys and pigs.


   National Tin Figures Museum, Ommen
The world of tin figures is a lot like the real world, but just 4 cm high. At the National Tin Figures Museum you will find art, craftsmanship, history, children's toys and battle fields all in miniature. The landscapes, also called dioramas, are considered the most beautiful collection in the world. The most impressive scene is 'The battle of Waterloo' from 1815. With sound and light effects, this battlefield is brought to life before your very eyes.


Pony riding at the Lourenshoeve, Den Ham
At this horse riding school in July and August lessons are given for children without riding experience.
Possible for children aged 3 up to 12

Costs: € 7.50
When: 11.00 - 11.30 hours (Mon - Fri) and 12.00 - 12.30 hours (Sat)

De Oude Aarde, Giethoorn
Since 1969, home to one of the Netherlands’s most beautiful collections of minerals and fossils. The things you can do here include cracking open prehistoric spherical geodes revealing beautiful crystals.

Twents Techniekmuseum HEIM, Hengelo
This museum presents an exciting picture of industry in Twente, from the steam engine to space travel. Let yourself be surprised by technical ingenuity from the past and go in search of sustainable and smart alternatives for the present. In the museum, you can experience, discover and get your hands dirty. Their motto: do touch the objects.
Somebody new recently moved into Techniekmuseum HEIM: AAp, an interactive orang-utan. Whenever AAp gets attention and is petted by visitors, he becomes really cheerful. The orang-utan has artificial intelligence and human features. If there is no one available to play with him, he falls asleep or gets in a bad mood. But most of the time, AAp is in a good mood and he wants to play a game.

Speelgoed & Blikmuseum, Deventer
The toys at Speelgoedmuseum make everyone feel young again. Plenty of fun for the kids, but also for grown-ups who recognise their favourite toy from their childhood. The collection includes more than 13,000 objects: dolls and doll's houses, trains, books, prints, games and outdoor toys.

International Fire Brigade Museum, Rijssen
Here you will find the implements used by fire brigades across the world over the past few years and discover what the life of a fireman is like. A computer programme allows you to take a seat in a fire engine and sends you on your way, sirens blaring, to the scene of a fire, which you have to try to put out virtually. After that, you have to try and find out how this fire started.

Het Wolvenspoor, Stegeren
The Wolf Track is an adventurous walking route for children (circa 2.5 km) in the woods near Stegeren. A host of play things to discover en route. You can pick up a small rucksack containing a route map (translation into English available at reception) and tasks, plus a magical sweet that (temporarily) turns you into a wolf, at the starting point: De Bootsman restaurant (closed on Mondays), Coevorderweg 19, Stegeren-Ommen. Price: €5.95

Het Spoor van de Leeuw
, Lemele
The Track of the Lion is a walking route for children on 'Lemelerberg' that is approximately 4 km long. You can pick up a map of the route from the restaurant on Lemelerberg. There is also a great natural playground there called Het Hol van de Leeuw (The Lion’s Den).

Bakery museum Het Warme Land
, Hattem
At the heart of the bakery is the traditional 19th-century wood-burning oven. Every Saturday, visitors can watch the bakers magically produce delicious fresh bread from the wood-burning oven.

Local railway museum, Haaksbergen - Boekelo
Experience the past at the restored old station in Haaksbergen. The exterior and the surrounding site have already been restored to how they originally looked. The interior has also been restored to emulate the atmosphere of the 1930s. And of course you can't go without taking a trip to Boekelo on the steam train. Make sure you check the timetable because the train doesn't go every day.

 Natura Docet, Delden
Natura Docet Wonderryck Twente is all about admiring all the beautiful things that nature has to offer.
One of their new interactive presentations is Funky Forest: an exciting fantasy forest with colourful trees, a splashing waterfall and a whole host of animals.

De Oldemeijer, Diffelen
A large natural pool for playing and splashing about in with wide sandy beaches in the Hardenberg woods. A large part of the water is shallow so kids can safely swim and play in it.

Watchtower on Besthmenerberg, Ommen
When you climb this tower, you can see for miles! This watchtower is approximately 5 km from the campsite, but it is difficult to find. A route map is available at reception.


Doepark Nooterhof activity park, Zwolle
An educational nature experience for young and old.
There is a water playground, totem playground, Celtic circle of trees and Garden of Forgotten Vegetables.
The showpiece is the Earth Ship, designed to be climate-neutral, with over 1,000 car tyres, 6,000 cans and 7,000 bottles. Here you will find a charming Tearoom with regional products. 


Discovery Corner, Zwolle
The Discovery Corner is a large workshop for children aged 4-14 where you can carry out more than 30 different little challenges, like frying crisps, building a dyke, making soap, forging a spoon and milking a cow. In short: learning in a fun way!

Cosmos Observatory, Lattrop 
An educational trip to other worlds. At the planetarium, the starry sky is projected onto a dome. Using the observatory's telescope, you get to see the craters on the moon and the rings of Saturn. And if the sky is clear, you can also look at faraway galaxies.

Madrid playground, Dalfsen

A traditional, easy-going playground with 45 pieces of equipment in a large field. A separate section for the little ones.

 Octo4Kids play paradise, Ommen
In this indoor playground, children can climb, slide down the slide, clamber and play to their heart’s content. Octo and his ocean friends make sure the playing children imagine themselves in an underwater world. There is a separate area for younger children up to 4 years of age and a pleasant pavement café for parents

Bengeltjes Play village, Hengelo
The largest covered playground in the Netherlands: various climbing zones, ball pools, slides and a trampoline area. There is also a separate section for younger children (0-4 years of age).

De Slag swimming pool, Hardenberg
Great swimming pool with water slide and a shallow end for kids.
You can get a 50% discount on the entrance fee from the campsite reception.

For more tips, check out the 'amusement park - zoo' section